Day 3 of the Michael Jackson tribute: You Rock My World…newer, but still awesome, awesome video as well. ♫


Day 2 of the oneadaymusic tribute to MJ…’Ben’–An adorable early Michael Jackson.

Today’s Track: Michael Jackson week-Dirty Diana

One of my top 5…honoring Michael Jackson all week!

Do I need to explain this one? Gotta give props to THE man of music, THE KING OF POP.  Now and forever. Amen.

‘Billie Jean’

In honor of the No Doubt concert tonight, and the last time I saw them… “16”

Track of the Day: Jenny Owen Youngs ‘F*ck Was I’

Love this girl.  A true singer-songwriter sound with a twist. Extremely humble. Out with a new album now! Check her out.

Today’s track: Blue Oyster Cult ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’

Saw these guys last night…they still rock! Enjoy!

Today’s Track: Franz Ferdinand ‘Ulysses’

Franz Ferdinand made a huge noise in the indie music scene with their catchy tune ‘Take Me Out’ back in 2004.  Franz is back with their latest project, ‘Tonight: Franz Ferdinand.’ Full of more intriguing, unforgettable danceable anthems.  The ‘Ulysses’ video is a different take on the Bee Gees ‘Stayin Alive.’ Check it out.

Today’s Track: Rainer Maria ‘Breakfast of Champions’

Rainer Maria is now defunct, but this indie rock-magic trio is one of my favorites. They paved the way for bands like Mates of State and other harmonizing duos.  Never since have I found more heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocalizations.  They laid the path for true emo, without the fashion and pomp.

Today’s Track: Ani DiFranco ‘Swan Dive’

Ani DiFranco has been around a long time, and this certainly isn’t one of her newest songs, but I found it appropriate for encouragement in daily life.  To just keep going.  ‘Gravity is nothing to me/moving at the speed of sound/just going to get my feet wet/till I drown”  She’s touring this summer–from my hometown, Buffalo (lives around the block!)–and one of the best guitar players I’ve ever seen. Plus she never had to sign to a major label…did it all on her own.