Today’s Track: Passion Pit ‘The Reeling’

This band is relatively new, but has a couple albums under their belt. Digging this sound. RIYL: MGMT ♫


Today’s Track: Silversun Pickups ‘Panic Switch’

Great new tune from Silversun Pickups, from their newest album, Swoon. Probably becoming one of my favorite bands.  They have some beautiful art on their website too, so check it out!

RIYL: Arcade Fire, Radiohead ♫

Today’s Track: Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘Zero’

From their new album, ‘It’s Blitz’, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs punch out another dramatic hit. ♫

Today’s Track: The Ting Tings ‘That’s Not My Name’

Got this suggestion from a reader…You may remember The Ting Tings shot to superstardom in 2008 for ‘Shut Up And Let Me Go’ which was featured in many commercials around the globe, including the infamous iPod.  Enjoy this ‘Hey Mickey’-type throwback.  Toni Basil would be proud. Their website is hella-cool too, so check it out.

Today’s Track: Justice ‘D.A.N.C.E.’

Because it’s SO NICE OUT (finally!), and I plan on doing plenty of this this weekend!!! A great throwback sound. ♫

Happy Friday!

Today’s Track: K-OS ‘Burning Bridges’

An emerging artist, with a strong Canadian following, K-OS provides us with a great mismash of sound, piano, voice, guitar, with an enlightening feel that reminds us of the upcoming summer… ♫

Kelly Clarkson: I Do Not Hook Up

Everyone needs a little pop break once in awhile, and Kelly Clarkson does it best!!! The video is hilarious too! By far my most favorite ‘Idol!’  ♫

Today’s track: Metric–Help, I’m Alive.

From the upcoming album, Fantasies, of the hypnotic Emily Haines and crew–a crew that spurned from the fantastic group phenomenon Broken Social Scene. Tender and tough. Just like Haines.

Eagles of Death Metal: Wannabe in LA

Track of the day! This song brings us back to REAL rock music. It’s sexy and fun. Check it out! ♫

Welcome to OneaDayMusic!

April 20, 2009

Welcome!! This is Nicole Shoe, and you are witnessing the birth of an idea, which I hope takes off!! This site has been created partially for my own selfish benefit :), but also as a service to all people who are into music, but only have a few minutes a day to keep up with the latest and best.

I have always wanted to be a music journalist, but well, need money to live, so I have created this site as a labor of love.  I, like many others, don’t want to get ‘old’ and lose my grasp on the pulse of new music.  I listen to music most of the work day, like many of you, and would like to share my findings.

I will provide a great track once a day (Monday through Friday for now) for you to check out and listen to on the site (hopefully, I can get that going on here with my limited technological skills).  You can leave your comments and also follow on Twitter for the daily pick.

I’m very excited, and hope you will stay with us as the site grows!!! I promise this rough setup will become more aesthetically pleasing soon.  Thanks for reading!!